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Casey Derhak is a national touring artist based out of Nashville, TN. Casey’s rhythmic music is made up of catchy melodies with well-crafted lyrics and internal rhymes. People gravitate towards his raspy voice and unique sound.

Casey was born on Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, NH. He spent a few years as a small child in the granite state, before the family moved down south to Jupiter, FL. The energy and intimacy of the small beach town has influenced and shaped his musical heritage. There was always music being played at the Derhak household. Casey’s dad, John, is a novelist who also played the acoustic guitar, and Casey’s Uncle Robert is the bassist/vocalist for rock jam band Moe. After dabbling in piano and sax at a very young age Casey then started learning guitar when he was thirteen.

At the same time, Casey was also an accomplished high school and college baseball player with twin passions in songwriting and baseball. He pursued both talents his whole life. “It has been pretty easy for me in terms of knowing what I want to do in life. I have only ever wanted to do two things and that’s play baseball and make music” says Casey. Over the next decade Casey played college baseball at USC-Aiken, while honing his talents as a songwriter and musician. Eventually he came to the cross-roads, and had to choose one. Casey explained “It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I just saw all my friends in the minor leagues having no control over their careers, so I decided I would put everything into music instead of playing pro-ball.”

Casey began playing the bar circuit in South Florida developing his sound, but it wasn’t long before Nashville beckoned knowing that’s where he belonged. “You can’t be a pro surfer and live in Oklahoma,” laughs Casey. Casey now calls Nashville home, and has been working hard to climb his way up through the ranks. He has a huge catalog of music, and has already had the pleasure of many other artists cutting his material as a songwriter.

Artist Album Song Year
Cody Webb Salt “She Ain’t Right” 2015
Matt Mason When It All Goes South

“When It All Goes South” 2015
Smithfield Smithfield “Good Ol’ Days” 2015
Smithfield Smithfield “Hey Whiskey” 2015
Jillian Cardarelli Jillian Cardarelli “Rest In Pieces” 2015
Alec MacGillivray Single “Bad Day To Be A Bud Light” 2016
Alec MacGillivray Single “Day Jam” 2017
Yonee Single “Paradise” 2017

He has even had songs placed on TV and radio. Casey co-wrote “Hey Whiskey” by Smithfield and it peaked at #3 on Sirius XM The Highways Hot 30 in 2017. Casey’s first EP “Deep South Sweet Sound” was released in 2016. His hit songs Road Trippin and Made in Heaven have had millions of views, and thousands of shares/downloads/streams. “It took me a long time to figure out my sound and who I was as an artist but now I know exactly what I want and everything is just perfectly falling into place,” says Casey. One thing is for sure, and that is there are no other artists in Nashville that sound like Casey.

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