LA LA Land: June1-5, 2015
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So I had an amazing opportunity present itself to make music in LA. For the most part it seems to make it in music you have to be in New York, Nashville or LA. Being an east coast kid who hates the cold I chose Nashville….and of course the whole country music thing played a part in the move to Nashville. Lol. Anyways an up and coming DJ out in LA named Yoni was in need of some great songs for his album that he is releasing fall of 2015 based around a tour. My manager hooked us up and Yoni flew me out to write for the week. It was a whole different experience because Yoni does EDM Pop music. Everyone who knows me knows I like all kinds of music. Although I am a country artist (which I love) I pride myself in being able to write anything. In my opinion a great song writer can write any genre of music. I love a good challenge so I was pumped to go to LA and get my feet wet in pop. I had never been to Cali before so seeing the big mountains as you are flying over was beautiful. Our country really is amazing. As soon as I touched down in LAX I hit the ground running.
Day 1
Yoni picked me up from the airport and we headed to one of his mentors studios in Hollywood. I could immediately feel the energy of the fast moving city and the beauty of the Hollywood Hills looking over LA. The 1st studio we wrote in was a small room which I was used to writing in Nashville where a lot of writer’s rooms are small. We wrote for about 6 or 7 hours into the night just grinding. Yoni’s friends hung out in the studio the whole time which was a different vibe for me as I am used to just the writers being there. It was pretty cool though because you had other opinions to tell you if what we were doing was cool or if it sucked. All of Yoni’s friends are up and coming artists and managers themselves and I like being surrounded by people who are hungry for it! Day 1 we wrote a killer song which might even be the best song we wrote all week. Success!

Day 2
I woke up at the crack of dawn because my body was on central time. So I decided to hit the streets of West Hollywood. I noticed the weather was crazy awesome and every place had the bathrooms locked. Dude’s gotta pee..come on LA! After I figured that situation out I kept moving and stumbled upon some of the famous gold stars on the side walk which inspired me right away. At this point in my career I was worthy of a tin foil star so I went to the nearest coffee shop and started writing while I was waiting for Yoni to wake up….(LA cats can sleep). When Yoni finally woke up we hit the studio to write. We wrote all day at the same studio and left with another gem!

Day 3
We woke up crushed some double espresso’s and headed to the studio. Today we went to a new studio called Serenity in Hollywood. Serenity was very cool, as soon as you enter they have a giant plaque on the wall from Adele and her album 21 which was recorded at Serenity West and sold 9 million copies. Wowzer. We wrote in the studio all day and even had time to hit the gym afterwards. The gym was located right under the Hollywood Hills so there was all kinds of jacked dudes in there and models and everyone in the entertainment biz. I had to curl the 40Lbs to play the part that day. Sun’s out guns out right?? That night we ate at a Japanese steak house in Beverly Hills. I don’t eat much red meat but I was at a steak house so it had to be done! Day 3 in the books.

Day 4
My last full day in LA we started with a run up Runyon Canyon Park. It’s a hard run because you get up to 1300 feet. Once you get to the top the view is amazing. You see all of LA. I successfully put the halo on top of the City Of Angels. After dominating the trial we showered and hit Serenity to get back to work. I actually ended up writing a rap part for a song that day and we cranked out another cool jam. That night we went to a really cool restaurant and I saw my first celebrity citing….Dog The Bounty Hunter! Yes he had his sweet 1980’s Oakley’s on at night. #Winning.
The LA trip was as Borat would say a “great success” ! We got four good songs and I am certain I will end up with some cuts on Yoni’s project as a writer. I flew back home on Friday and was excited to see my wife and dogs. I love being home in Nashville. I def see myself doing more work LA though for sure……..I have always been a dreamer wanting to be a star in demand, you can stay in the clouds when you’re floating in LA LA Land!

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